Top 8 Futuristic Concept Cars 2012

Monday, September 12th 2011. | Top Cars

Here are some lists of top eight futuristic concept cars 2012 manufactured by independent designers and carmakers to explore new design directions and determine what the car will become in a not-so-near future.

1. Flaky Car Concept

Something lots of people do not recognize about manufacturers is they don’t usually mean their concepts to become converted to real truth. Occasionally, an extreme concept is just intended to be a jumping-off point for additional conceivable styles. That’s the case with Project Flake, a totally impossible car concept from Da Feng that appears technique brilliant, but would not really are a real-world automobile.

flaky car concept

Project Flake features dynamic movable micro-spoilers composed of carbon fibre. Each spoiler is lightweight in order that it can move alone to lessen air resistance and boost efficiency or behave as an aura brake. The spoilers can lie entirely flat against the vehicle or stand upright when needed to improve or reduce drag.

flaky car concept

But even odder than the moving spoilers are the bizarre wheels. Each wheel is created of 12 legs which change their length based on speed and the street area. At high speeds the wheels are rounded on the top and flat on the bottom, so Da Feng calls them D-Wheels. The distinctive design lets them superior traction – a lot, actually, that the developer considers the automobile might be applied being an off-road car.

flaky car concept

Certainly, this design isn’t a considerable concept car that may be observed on the roads every day today. Based on Feng, he expects the design being an ideas for other concepts. We like both the goals of the extravagant design and the reliability of the designer accountable for it. You can check this flaky concept car’s video below.


2. MAGLEV Mercedes Arrow Concept Car

Ideas of future city living frequently include the death of the private car for of popular the bus. In the end might drive between work and home on trains and buses in growing amounts, it appears not likely that we’ll quit the individual automobile completely. Driving is, in the end, one of life’s easy joys. Creator Felipe Palermo needed that into account when dreaming up the Mercedes Arrow concept car.

MAGLEV Mercedes Arrow concept car

Palermo shows that by 2050 we’ll simply be driving ourselves around on holidays, with this vehicles requires being handled by suspended rail systems. However when we want a relaxing Sunday drive, this MAGLEV-driven car will let’s seize control and enjoy the world on magnetic wheels.

The key area of the 2-passenger vehicle shifts with turns to maintain drivers comfortable and safe because they ride along. Because the wheels are in fact guaranteed to the highway with magnets, there’s a smaller possibility of off-road crashes and rollovers.

MAGLEV Mercedes Arrow

The wheels about this futuristic concept car 2012 will also be very amazing. They permit for re-injection of rubber when the treads turn out to be worn or experience a set. This feature would keep unknown numbers of old tires out of the waste stream, the industry positive thing for everybody concerned. The retro-Mercedes-inspired concept car is nowhere near being a reality, but the prospect of an agile sports car that’s secure and quick is really a highly interesting one.


3. YEE The Flying Car Concept

YEE flying car concept is really a different paradigm for future car, it had been created by 3 students from the South China University of Technology : Pan Jiazhi, Zhu Wenxi and Lai Zexin.

YEE The Flying Car Concept

The modes of transport are likely to change from land to air in times in the future, since the traffic jam in the town can make it nearly impossible for you to travelling through lanes.  The concept car might be converted into an airplane once the operation is changed to the flying mode through modification. This really is permitted by upturning a couple of front wheels sideways and 2 back wheels outside enabling individuals to fly over the congested streets to achieve their location promptly. Also, the incorporation of the propeller into the back wheels endues the car with 2 different mobile modes. YEE is out of this world along with a spectacular racer during the ground however when it spreads out its back wheels and starts its propeller, it may fly along a unique air route.

YEE The Flying Car Concept
YEE’s 2 different mobile modes are due to the propeller set into the back wheels. While travelling, the YEE is an incredible racing car so when in the flying mode, it’s a genuine cure for individuals who wish to fly full of the sky.

4. Vesna Car Concept

The impressive single seater VESNA electric car concept includes a distinctive body of natural one-piece resin blend with built-in wiring, which not just causes it to be remarkable from the design mindset, but additionally provides a fantastic views. Therefore, diverse components may be used of various colors to create the body or setting up various ways of wiring allow it a far more natural effect.

Vesna Car Concept

The 2 front driving wheels include an offset center of rotation and affixed having a reinforced rubber belt with the non-synchronous motor unit that’s driven with household power from permanent high-powered magnets.

Vesna Car Concept

Any time switching, the leading wheels gets sent out torque and braking based on the switch on the controls. The rubber-reinforced sphere rear wheel fastens to some four petal suspension clip, each having a roller free of charge rotation of the sphere. Furthermore, the clip aids braking or assists steering when you are associated with the key electrical system.

5. BMW Lovos Car Concept

The BMW Lovos (“Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity”) Concept Car is really a design research by Anne Forschner that displays an authentic method of automobile design.It’s according to basic questions: “How many components will we use to construct the exterior of car? Wouldso would a vehicle seem like, whether it was develop just by one (continuing) piece?”

BMW Lovos Car Concept

The outcome of a trial and error scientific studies are an automobile made by 260 similar, exchangeable pieces that are fixed having a hinge on the substructure. The individual parts are movable, that allows the surface of the car to become closed – similar to the scales of a fish – or opened to the environment.


These pieces work like airbrakes and are generally photovoltaic, after the movement of the sun when the car is stationary. The pieces of the covered wheels will also be functional: the moment the car begins driving, twelve pieces per wheel change their formation and move inside, as being a turbine.The interior is smooth and warm to represent a contrast to the mechanical and technical exterior.  The project is dependant on a philosophical concept, which asks critical questions regarding the design, building and employ of street cars, as you may know them these days.

6. Mobius car concept

Mobius car concept

Extreme technological refinement reach this type of care that turns into invisible. The vehicle design has the certain “Mobius strip” topology to conceptually unifies interior and exterior, as well as an impressive hi-tech system avoids blind spots utilizing a synergy of flexible OLED screens, head-tracking cams and HD external cams, it unifies visually outside and inside.

7. Phantom Corsair car concept

Phantom Corsair car concept

The Phantom Corsair is really a car model from 1938.Having a height of just 147 cm (58 in.), the steel and aluminum body had no running boards, door or fenders handles. Rather, the doors may be opened using buttons available on the exterior as well as on the instrument panel. To complement the complex design, Heinz chosen the most sophisticated framework obtainable in the united states at that time, the Rope 810. The V8 engine-equipped Wire additionally showcased front wheel drive as well as an electrically run 4-speed gearbox, in addition to a fully independent suspension and adjustable shocks.

Phantom Corsair car concept

To cope with the big body, several modifications were carried thru on the frame. The vehicle’s lower frame is made from chromoly steel and the higher frame was constructed from electrically welded aviation steel tubes. Power for the 2-ton / 4500 lb. (2000 kg) Phantom Corsair originated from an adjusted Rope 810 Lycoming eight-cylinder unit, raised to provide about 190 hp. The aerodynamic body allowed the car to achieve speeds of a minimum of 115 MPH (185 km / h).

8. Halcyon car concept

Halcyon car concept

Eco-friendly automobiles are actually popping in the market like mushroom. A number of them appears like the actual cars, some of them has futuristic design like the Halcyon Concept Car by Ralph Tayler-Webb. As the brand advises, this environmentally friendly concept car has decreased air drag through its aerodynamic framework coated wheels and tapering teardrop cabin.

Produced from aluminum foam, the Hacyon’s structure is dependant on the owl’s hollow bones that created the vehicle light. The foam on the contrary created the Halcyon’s passenger secure when traveling. Additionally, the coated wheels, chose to make this eco-car’s travel calm.

These are some futuristic concept cars 2012, we hope you got ideas after read this article.