Top 5 Best Car Gadgets 2013 to Install

Friday, April 13th 2012. | Top Cars

There are lot of things you can do to improve the current look, appearance and performance of your car. Some people might focus on the exterior, some others prefer to improve the interior, and what you need is just simple, you want your car has the best car gadgets ever. It is true that by accessorizing your car, you are not only improving its look but also improving its value.

Installing gadgets to your car is not an easy task to do at all. There are some aspects you should take into account. The first one is the choice of gadgets is suitable or not to the current condition of your car, whether the current battery and engine could support the power for the gadget or not. The second one is surely the space available in your car; it is just useless if you are installing some cool gadgets like TV or cool sound systems but those stuffs just make your car even has not space to swing a cat.

However, there are some cool ideas you could use as ideas or inspirations to accessorize your car with some cool gadgets. It is the list of top 5 best car gadgets that are hitting the market you could install in your car:

PathFindIR: Car Night Vision Camera

best car gadgets

PathFindIR is a compact night vision camera designed to minimize night driving troublesome conditions by sensing potential danger on the way and making certain more time for the driver to respond to any risk. Travelling at night could possibly be one of the most risky things a someone can do. Data indicate that forty percent of accidents happen in the hours of darkness. With this technology, you are able to see around four times further with conventional high beams, without blinding oncoming traffic.

How PathFindIR Car Night Vision Camera Works? Thermal imager finds the object infrared radiation and changes it with a specific algorithm into the analog video indicator. Infrared (thermal) radiation is emitted by all objects including bodies with a low temperature. The system enables driver to see without any additional lighting and gives real-time imaging at any speed. Is it cool, isn’t?

Auto-net: WiFi hotspot in your Car

best car gadgets 2013

By ordering Auto-net, it is possible to make any vehicle a hot spot. So how do you use it? It requires 3G from every wireless signal out there and turns it to WiFi. Due to the fact ninety five percent of America is covered with wireless signals, it offers you a wide range of coverage. It works for any WiFi enabled device, like iPods, PC’s, Smart Phones, etc.

Auto-net has 2 plans; a 2Gb and a 5Gb data plan.You will be satisfied with their purpose-built router for mobile internet. With more consistent performance than a WiFi card, it’s the best gadget for cruising Streetfire while on the fly!

GPS Viper Smart Start for iPhone

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An innovative gadget in the usa from Californian company Viper will notice iPhones used as remote controls for vehicles, as the Viper SmartStart can unlock your car, start your car, lock your car, open the boot, heat your car or cool it, all remotely, all via an iPhone app. Wow, amazing!

The Bond-esque system works on any car with electric windows and locks and works via a receiver that is set up in the vehicle. The simple graphical interface offers you control over the following functions of your put in Viper remote start or security/remote start system:

  •     Unlock/disarm
  •     Lock/arm
  •     Remote car starter
  •     Trunk release
  •     Panic or car finder

TomTom Go Live 820 GPS

top car gadgets 2013

Go Live 820 GPS, offers you latest live traffic information directly to your device. It works with a Sims card, activating your Go Live 820 every time it’s turned on. It updates every 2 minutes providing you alternative routes to prevent any inconveniences. Updates consist of; traffic jams, weather conditions or any incidents on the primary route to your getaway, making your commute safer and more efficient.

Anti-Sleep Pilot: detects drowsy drivers

best car gadgets

Using the anti-sleep pilot you are able to avoid such crashes. By making a personal risk profile and setting it up in the device, you are ready to go. Mounting is done easily. Before driving, inform the Anti-Sleep Pilot if you`re not fully rested.

top 5 best car gadgets

When driving, anti-sleep pilot calculates your weariness levels taken on the test, tells you when to stop to avoid falling asleep while driving. When the combination of parameters show that you’re reaching your limit, the Pilot’s visible and audible signals warn you that you must take a rest – the device is light- and sound-sensitive, so its display and alarm automatically adjust for cabin conditions. As the unit is able to monitor time and vehicle speed, furthermore, it knows how long you’ve stopped for, so there’s no pulling over for just several seconds just to shut it up.

These 5 best car gadgets are just what any car lover wants for install in their vehicle. Do you like it?