Top 10 Tuning Cars for Tuned Car Ideas

Thursday, December 22nd 2011. | Top Cars

When talking about tuned car then there are a lot of things you can take as the topic of discussion. Some people are tuning or modifying their car because it is part of their hobby. Some of you might be thinking that it is totally useless when purchasing a beautiful shiny car but in the end the car will be modified or tuned. The term tuning cars is closely related to modifying car for the need of racing.

You must have found several cars that were initially produced for passenger car but in the end the car is tuned so fit to the racing tracks. When it comes to the area of modification, then all aspects are included from the exterior, interior, appearance but the most important part in tuning a car is the engine tuning. The engine can be fully replaced or just modified specifically. Once the engine tuned then next thing that are supposed to be tuned so fit with the current engine performance is like the suspension and the body kit.

Are you interested to tune your car too? Well, it is actually one of the solutions you have to improve the current performance of your car without the need to purchase the new one. For some ideas, perhaps checking on the list of top 10 tuning cars is worth doing:

10.Mazda RX 8

Mazda RX 8 tuning cars

Even though street racing in these models is certainly not advice, you might go through these model options, because they are easily adaptable particularly the RX 8 model happily delivered through Mazda.

9. Subaru WRX STI

subaru impreza wrx tuning cars

Then arrives the Subaru model WRX STI. So it does not matter if you are seeking a design for street racing or for drag racing.

8.Nissan 350 Z

Nissan 350 Z tuning cars

Today, for all those people who are fascinated in Nissan designs, the Nissan 350 Z model is surely a great option for tuning, suitable at its cost.

7. Dodge Neon

Dodge Neon tuning cars

You can find people in the market who believe that the Dodge Neon comes in the best amazing tuning car list because not simply this is an inexpensive type, but it is really easy to manage.

6. BMW 3-series

BMW 3-series tuning cars

Outside of America on the other side of the pond the BMW 3 series is the most well-known capabilities car and drivers get access to upgraded parts and support on the exact range Americans do for Ford Mustangs. Even though the M series is a really high priced product to begin with there is something attractive about creating one of these go even faster.

5. Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger tuning cars

You will find rumors that the Dodge Charger privately provides a tattoo which views “buy big rims and light up my floor” but fortunately not everyone is so cool they ought to expend $10,000 on rims which spin the wrong way. The Dodge Charger is awesome and has viewed numerous tuned designs over the years such as the famous General Lee in the Dukes of Hazard and our favorite State Troopers who patrol the highways rolling dice over who they will pull over these days.

4. Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra tuning cars

Modified cars are massive in Japan and the Toyota Supra is a vehicle which shouts race car. Ended in the 1998 (USA) and 2002 (Japan) the Toyota Supra is still very popular globally because of the performance of this car. Popular for its racing skills a lot of drivers trick this Toyota out with personalized intakes, nitrous and more before going to auditions for the Fast and Furious.

3. Mazda MX-5 Miata

Mazda MX-5 Miata tuning cars

The Mazda Miata is a tuned car owner’s good friend. Custom sets can be found anywhere to change this small roadster into a fantastic car. Several owners even go crazy and put in a 5.0L V8 from the Ford Mustang under the Miata’s hood. Sometime you must learn the difference between having a roadster and a bat mobile and occasionally modified Mazda Miata’s can fall in both categories.

2. Honda Civic

Honda Civic tuning cars

A few owners would state the Honda Civic was made to be a tuning car because of its low weight, twin wishbone suspension and the capability to perform the vehicle by outfitting almost any Honda engine under the hood. Wherever you go a tricked out Honda Civic is somewhere close.

1. Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang tuning cars

The Ford mustang is one of American muscle cars and is a popular with tuned car lovers across the country. In fact with a V8 engine you can never have enough power under this hood and a lot of owners have placed more cash into personalized Ford Mustangs then the base price of the vehicle.

Tuning cars is one of the solutions available for you who want to improve the current performance of your car. We hope the top 10 best tuning car lists can be your ideas to modify your car.