Top 10 Smallest Cars in the World: Fuel-Efficient, Affordable, and Easy to Maneuver

Tuesday, October 11th 2011. | Top Cars

Actually, small cars have been introduced since the automobile companies produced many types of cars. However, the small cars or compact cars have recently become popular again because of the rising fuel prices. It is known that small cars are designed to improve the fuel efficiency; that is why nowadays small cars gain their popularity among people. The small cars or compact cars are considered as unconventional to trucks, SUVs, and regular sized coupes and sedans. Because the popularity of small cars has been increasing, there are many engineers and automobile companies trying to produce the smallest car among the others in the world.

It is known that people are also captivated by the small cars or compact cars because they provide several advantages to people who drive them. Due to the small cars popularity in the 2000s, BMW, Fiat and Mini resurrect the older design of the small cars they have produced a long time ago. The companies try to modify and improve the performance of the small cars. According to some reports, it has been reported that BMW Isetta, Fiat 500, and Mini Cooper are the smallest cars produced by those automobile manufacturers. Seeing the fact that small cars got many attention from many people, there are many other automobile companies that are also trying the make small cars.

Small cars that captivate people’s attention are commonly manufactured by certain popular and reputable automobile companies. As a matter of fact, there are smaller and less popular automobile companies that produce good quality small cars or compact cars. In addition there are not really popular automobile companies like ElBil Norge, Lumeneo, and Commuter Cars that built the smallest cars. The cars got less attention from people because they are only available in certain countries in the Europe. Besides being so compact, small and light weight, the cars are also affordable, eco friendly, and they also have fuel efficiency.

Recently, small cars have turned out to be popular again in the early 2000s in world, especially America (USA). There are many reputable and huge automobile companies competing to make the small cars. However, the world’s smallest cars were made many decades ago. The cars called the Peel P50 were produced in the early 60s by the Isle of Man in England. The length of the car is only 135 cm and the width is only 99 cm. Apart from that fact, the popularity of small cars today is getting a lot better. The competition in the small cars market is quite tough because people tend to use smaller cars.

People tend to be more interested in driving small cars or compact cars because they have several benefits including the gas mileage, affordability, and the maneuver which is easier to be controlled. Small cars or compact cars have better gas mileage. The cars can save you money on fuel because they are equipped with smaller engines. Smaller cars’ price is also a lot cheaper than the price of normal sized cars. Smaller cars are also a lot easier to maneuver than the larger cars. Here are another list cars of the top 10 smallest cars on the market:

10. Ford KA

Ford KA smallest car

Fork KA is a famous city car in British and part of Europe. The size and design is ideal for European city traffic issue. It had been released in 1996 and is as known as Volkswagen Beetle in the old time.

9. The Bolloré BlueCar

The Bolloré BlueCar smallest car

This vehicle is only for sale in France. The BlueCar is an electric car from France that provides an operating range of 155 miles and a top speed of eighty four mph. The complete recharge needs six hours, while a 2-hour rapid charge will improve fifty percent capacity.

8.The Think City

The Think City smallest car

Norwegian auto company Think was released the all-electric City design in the American. A 2009 launch was designed, but the company was expected to halt manufacturing due to economic problems.

7. The Daihatsu Copen

Daihatsu Copen smallest car

Daihatsu Copen is entering to market from Japan and the manufacturer marketed the small car to Japan and Europe. It has a couple of seats and the has been well-known since 2001.

6. Kandi Coco

Kandi Coco smallest car

The Kandi Coco can be purchased to Oklahoma citizens for under $900 using a mixture of federal and state tax credits. The electric 2-person roadster come to the U.S. in 2009.

5. Smart Fortwo

Smart Fortwo smallest car

The Smart Fortwo was primarily known as the Smart City Coupe Pls it first showed in 1998. 10 years later, the all-electric concept car model was the Fortwo Ed Released. The Fortwo will come in the U.S.

4. Reva G-Wiz

Reva G-Wiz smallest car

The Reva G-Wiz is manufactured by REVA Electric Car Company that is based in Bangalore, India. The vehicle is released in Britain exclusively.

3. The Tango by Commuter Cars

smallest car

The Tango is 2 electric motors car that can accelerate from 0-60 mph under four seconds. The price is $121,000 per unit and the first owner of the vehicle was George Clooney. Sergey Brin, the co-owner of Google, is among the investor and he owns three tangos in his house.

2. The Lumeneo Smera

Lumeneo Smera smallest car

Lumeneo Smera is a French electric city car that is offered for $33,000 per unit. The vehicle is marketed especially in French and Europe.

1. The ElBil Norge Buddy Cab

ElBil Norge Buddy Cab

Elbil Norge Buddy Cab is an electric car model originated from Norway. This product is sixth generation of the Kewet and it was launched in 1991 for the first time. The primary five creation designs were ordered by 1000 buyers in eighteen nations. Since 1998, the manufacturer develops by ElBil Norge US.

These small cars designed to be used for a certain time before turning to be junk cars. It is typically sold in lower price than usual car price. By the way, do you have any ideas about the the worlds smallest car. Please comment below.