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Saturday, January 7th 2012. | Top Cars

Do you know that retro is coming back? Surely you have known that retro was a kind of urban culture that was once becoming the trend among youngsters around 80s. Some of you might be wondering what is the different of classic cars, muscle cars and retro cars. Well, it can be said that retro is one of the parts of classic. Since retro culture is coming back, which is clearly seen from the way people dressed today, the trend of driving retro cars is also coming back.

We love to consider retro cars as classics still viewed on the street these days; frequent and occasionally daily car owners that aren’t stashed away as weekend toys or car show trailer queens. In addition they have unique character and distinctive appears that set them apart from herds of neutral-toned anony-mobiles.

How about you? You know that dressing in retro is not something that is shameful or so yesterday anymore because it is exactly what people want to look like. Speaking of the choice of car, there are some people who are finally modifying their car to have retro look but some others who have more money prefer to purchase cars manufactured especially for retro segment.

Well, you are dressed in retro, accessorized in retro style, and one more thing that you should do is changing your current modern car to the car with retro look. We began writing a list of our beloved retro cars yesterday morning. We limited our options to fairly common and inexpensive cars – please don’t assume to encounter an Aston Martin DB5, Chevrolet Corvette, Jaguar XJ, Mercedes-Benz SL or Jaguar E-Type here.

A very important factor a number of these cars discuss is simplicity, although many were technically mistaken or suffered from huge variations in quality. One closing notice: accurately position these retro cars was almost impossible — It just for fun. For some ideas here are the lists of top 10 Retro Cars which one of them might suit to what you have been looking for:

10. Citroen 2CV

Citroen 2CV Retro Cars
photo source: hubpages

The history of the Citroen 2CV returns to France in 1948. The design of the Citroen 2Cv modified little from 1948 until 1990, when the last one rolled off the manufacturing line.The engine is just 602cc that makes it really affordable. €23 fills the tank and you will get around 180 miles on a full tank. The vehicle will run 0-70 miles an hour the same day. We think this car really perfect retro car. Over 5,100,000 of these unique and great creatures were developed.

9. Honda Civic CVCC

Honda Civic CVCC Retro Cars
photo source: netcarshow

Small, simple and affordable to operate. Honda’s fortunes begun with the 1972 release of the Civic. The important thing to their good results was the clean-burning and affordable new CVCC engine, which gained Honda a popularity for generating fuel efficient and trustworthy cars.

8. Ford Mustang (1st generation)

ford mustang 1st generation retro cars
photo source:wikipedia

Presented in 1964, the Ford Mustang caused a popular trend. You can see why, even by today’s standards. It was small (for a mid-1960s American car), smooth, and muscular. The first-generation Ford Mustang is the original pony car, produced by Ford Motor Company from 1964 until 1973.

7. Jeep CJ-7

Jeep CJ-7 retro cars
photo source: wikipedia

Manufactured among 1976 and 1986, the CJ-7 is known as by many to be the best of the line. Over 370,000 were made and the CJ-7 featured an automatic 4WD system often called Quadra-Trac. An automatic transmission was optional, as was a molded hardtop. Despite the fact that they’ve lived hard lives, you still find the occasional mud-spattered CJ on the street.

6. VW Super Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle 1938 retro cars
photo source: netcarshow

Riding a Beetle is assured to put a smile on your face. Maybe it’s the design or the curiously angled steering wheel that reminds us of operating a city shuttle. They have a rear-mounted air cooled engine, and almost everything about them was created to be as simple as possible. The initial few Beetles were manufactured near Wolfsburg in 1945, and by 1971 over 1.3 million of the happy-looking small automobiles were being produced annually.  German production discontinued in 1978 (replaced by the Vw Golf), but the primary Beetle was produced in Mexico until 2003.

5. Volvo P1800

Volvo P1800 retro cars

What a great retro car! It was launched in 1961 and for the first few years was produced in the United kingdom. The engine was a 1.8L 4-cylinder that produced 100HP. It was implemented in 1968 by a 2.0L with 118HP. By the end of production, over 39,000 had been made.

4. BMW 2002

photo source: wikipedia

The 2002 is one of BMW’s most popular car types. Its reputation recorded the company’s history of compact sporting sedans and served as both forerunner of the BMW 3 Series and inspiration for the new 1 Series Coupe.It owes its existence to North American exhaust emission rules which influenced that BMW had to provide it with the clean-burning 2.0L engine, rather than an older twin-carburetor 1.6L design. The larger engine put out 100HP, and produced the affordable 2002 extreme pleasure to travel.

3. Porsche 914

Porsche 914 retro cars
photo source: thesupercars

The Porsche 914, a mid-engined sports vehicle, is a collaborative effort among Volkswagen AG and Porsche AG. Produced from 1969 to 1976, the vehicle was intended to be marketed as a 4-cylinder engined Volkswagen replacement to its Karmann Ghia, and as a flat 6-cylinder engined successor to the Porsche 912. Equally types, however, were badged and promoted as Porsches in the United states.

2. Honda CRX

Honda CRX 1987 retro cars
photo source: wikipedia

The Honda CR-X, primarily introduced as the Honda Ballade Sports CR-X in Japan, was a front-wheel-drive sports compact car made by Honda. In North America it was a 2-seater, despite the fact that Honda packed in a small back seat in other places. In a pinch, one could easily stuff an unlucky spare friend into the flat cargo area beneath the hatch. It provided a 1.5L engine that produced a just 94 HP, but its small size (and weight) produced it extremely nimble and zippy.

1.Mazda Miata (1st Generation)

mazda miata retro cars

No matter what we pick for the number one list best retro cars, maybe a lot of will not agree. For that reason, We have selected a sporty convertible that’s inexpensive, fun to drive, simple, and easy to get. Launched in 1989, the Mazda Miata developed a loyal following. It has quite simple handling and creates a best first “real” sports car. They frequently arrive on the used market at cheap pricing.

Having and driving retro cars requires dedication, passion patience and a sense of personality. Characteristics like these are basics of car passion. In other places, several owners are willing to compromise their retro cars’ originality with modern component improvements. Enhanced convenience, handling and reliability can usually be achieved with little or no visual difference to the vehicle itself. Next post, we will share you top 10 modified retro cars in the world. So keep stay tuned to read our blog.

Finally, we hope the list of top ten retro cars is useful for you all.