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Best Cars Snow 2013 2012– Winter is coming and some people prefer to just stay at home or switch their current habit from driving car to using public transportation because of the safety reason. It is true that during winter, driving car can be very dangerous, especially car that has no safety standard to drive in winter season. However, there are some best cars for snow that you can have as the part of transportation solution if public transportation system is not something that you can depend on.

It is obvious that in some city, using public transportation system is not recommended at all. The first reason is because the public transportation system is totally a mess and the second reason is because the number of crime in public transportation is progressively increasing day by day. That is why purchasing cars that are especially designed so fit to winter season is the best idea after all in this matter. You need a very best vehicles, trucks and SUVs for plowing via deep snow and easing more than slippery ice.

To help you ensuring yourself more that the decision of purchasing winter car is the best decision you could make, and then nothing that is wrong for you to start taking some looks to the winter cars. Here are the top 10 best cars for snow you might want to have :

10. Suzuki SX4 Crossover

berst cars for snow
photo source: subcompactculture

It perhaps a bit serious of Suzuki to call their wagon-with-a-tall-greenhouse a crossover, but at least this model of the SX4 line is a cheap way to get a new vehicle with three-mode all-wheel drive. It’s even sold as an option on the $15,000 base model. Suzuki SX4 has a few beautifully design with the lower stance and taller cabin of this winter car, particularly commuters who’d rather not spend nights stuck in the office with every moderate snowfall. Having a 2,500-pound tiny car, this thing stays planted. And taking advantage of the capacity to opt for AWD or lock it into 4WD, the SX4 is really a great commuter car for snowy highways. Just don’t take it on the trails.

9. Mini Cooper

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The Mini Cooper should behave just about the same as any small, light, FWD car. Winter tires will be a substantial advantage if you live in an area with heavy and/or frequent snowfalls. FWD means it will dig out of snow and have great traction for starting. ABS brakes result in good control when stopping. AntiSkid stands for it will support minimize spinouts. Low to the ground means it won’t handle deep snow (like 8″ unplowed) perfectly. Light weight ensures that slush on the street will toss the car around a little when you hit slushy ruts and tire tracks from other vehicles and trucks.

 8. Mercedes-Benz E550 4MATIC

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photo source: mercedescars-sellinf

While Mercedes ultimately combined tiny and excellent with their newest 2013 C-Class and launched a bigger, bolder 2013 S-Class, their middle kid was doing wonderfully all the while. The E-Class is roomy, but not ponderous, elegant yet aged. It gets a dark horse of a winter car when you pick the all-wheel drive option. In addition to that moment and the occasional glimpse you’ll cast at the Mercedes E550 4MATIC chrome emblem on the trunk, you might give much believed to its reputation. The model works perfectly and without drama. And that’s not at all bad when street situations diminish.

When pulling away in freezing conditions, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class 4MATIC models are made to produce maximum traction. As a result, specific road conditions are instantly detected and the treatments of the 4ETS electronic traction control system altered in order to get the finest feasible acceleration while reducing wheel slip, making certain optimum directional stability in the process. This system additionally enables the car to pull away under the most bad conditions, like when one side of the car is on an icy slope or both wheels on the front or rear axle have limited grip.

7. Ford Flex

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Last year, the snowy roads gave us the chance to test out Ford’s new Curve Control technology which uses the Flex’s brakes to maintain it from sliding offline through a corner. When we significantly induced the safety system by purposely entering a corner too fast it was heartening to sense the results of Curve Control take the Ford Flex back in line with where the steering wheel was pointed. When mixed with the optional all-wheel drive, Curve Control generates the 2013 Ford Flex one of the more competent all-weather cars available. Basically, the ford flex is definitely amazing in snow is better than a monster truck.

6. Subaru WRX

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Subaru started supplying the 2013 Subaru WRX as a trim model of its Impreza line to reflect Subaru’s superb history in the World Rally Championships. The WRX comes with a turbocharged engine, performance suspension and rally car design. The new WRX also features Subaru’s award-winning all-wheel-drive system, that provides it outstanding traction capabilities in different conditions—like snow. The Subaru WRX has superb winter driving ability.

5. Saab Turbo X

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photo source: insideline

The Saab Turbo X shows a powerful initial foray into all-wheel drive vehicles, with the pleasant element as standard devices. That’s quite nicely evident from the first time you drive one. When you turn off the ESP stability control, the Turbo X will hold a 4-wheel drift until the fuel tank runs dry.With ESP on, the leash is loose enough to enable for just a little of sideways foolishness, given that the steering inputs are smooth and deliberate. Driving on snow-covered ice is an excellent test of an all-wheel-drive system’s power to react to fast changes in wheel speed, and we came away surprised by the XWD system’s overall cooperative nature.Yet these are Saabs, so the whole winter car skill thing just comes naturally.

4. BMW 535xi Sports Wagon

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The 535xi Sports Wagon is great car for you. It doesn’t quite behave like an M5, but the 535xi does have amazingly good responsiveness. For the driver who requires a winter car that’ll placate his passionate tendencies until spring, this is BMW’s greatest winter-driving product. With dynamic stability control and intelligent all-wheel drive, what else do you need in a winter car.

3. Volvo XC70

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photo source: outdrive

2013 Volvo XC90 is a great upcoming car but do not forget about XC70. The Volvo XC70 drives coolness with a more safe driving experience overall. And with regular features like front and rear skid plates and hill-descent control, Volvo entirely wants you’ll get benefit of the wagon’s features.The XC70 comes with some strong and well thought out touches for “temperate” climates. Sturdy plastics clad the lower portion of the XC70 saving the paint from the ravages of salted and gravelled winter roads. Lots of ground clearance, lots of weight, but a low center of gravity generate the AWD version of the 2012 XC70 a best winter cars.

2. Subaru Outback

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With more focus devoted to the more SUV-minded Tribeca and 2014 Forester redesigns, the Outback is in danger of becoming the forgotten Subaru. Really bad, simply because it’s one of the best winter vehicles in the group — always has been. It has better ground clearance than you’d consider, and shows the type of foul-weather driving confidence you might not expect outside of an SUV. A low center of gravity and all-wheel drive combine to make the 2013 Outback a winner in the snow and cold weather.

1. Audi A4 3.2 Quattro

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No winter-driving list would be complete devoid of the Audi Quattro. Audi’s AWD is really fantastic. On that note we can report that the vehicle is beautifully steady, even in really powerful crosswinds, and the rain-sensing windshield wipers really worked (in lots of cars, they are usually reluctant to keep pace). Furthermore the automatic climate control system, which maintained all the windows clear of condensation. Having said that, for our opinion, and as a winter car, the Audi A4 always looks composed and predictable.

Best cars for snow choice are one of the things you should take into account because driving in winter can be very dangerous if you are driving custom cars.

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