The Top 10 Cars to Modify for You to Purchase

Thursday, March 8th 2012. | Top Cars

There are some people who are purchasing cars as the part of their hobby to modify and tuning the cars. It is true that the culture of modifying car is recently booming around people. How about you? Well, when you are staring at the modified cars, some of them are successfully taking your breath away and there are some thoughts in your head to do the same to your cars. However, you should know that the idea you choose is supposed to be applicable to the cars to modify and not all cars will look good when they are modified.

Cars to ModifyIn other words, if you have a car and you want to modify it then you should choose the ideas that suit to your car. For example is, you are currently driving a sedan coupe car and it is simply ridiculous if somehow you modify it to look really retro car. However, if you have chosen an idea then you can purchase the car that suitable most to the idea.

We have collected a list of the 10 best cars to modify. Of course, these are the most well-known vehicles in the world right now. Not just is each one of these autos a strong performer, they all delight in a lots of of aftermarket support at the same time. The great thing about these top 10 cars to modify is that if speed isn’t your thing, lots of dress-up items are available for them as well. Since you have nothing in your head right now, perhaps it is the time for you to check on the list of top 10 cars to modify to help you looking for some inspirations or idea:

10.  Dodge Caliber SRT-4

Dodge Caliber SRT-4

Price: $22,995

Dodge’s Caliber-based SRT-4 might not set hearts aflutter the way its Neon-based predecessor did, but with its 300 horsepower, turbocharged engine and bargain-basement cost, it is certainly benefits a seem. The Dodge Caliber SRT-4 is a muscle car for Gen-Y: a cost-minded framework, obscenely strong engine, but it will surely go like stink in a straight line. All of us wouldn’t wish to consider the Caliber SRT-4 on a road course, but it is great exciting on a drag strip.

Recommended modify: The Dodge Caliber SRT-4 certainly, really requires a limited slip differential. Those 300 ponies we pointed out earlier are all hitting the roads from the front wheels, and they determine which direction the vehicle will turn — at the same time driving in a straight line.

9. Chevrolet Cobalt SS

Chevrolet Cobalt SS
BMW 3 Series

Price: $23,525

Similar to the Chevy Corvette, the Cobalt SS reveals that when GM allows its engineers loose, it genuinely can develop a few world-class sporty cars. The Chevy Cobalt SS sports a 260-horsepower direct-injected turbocharged engine, a suspension tuned on the Nürburgring, an awesome no-lift shift feature, and a $500 LSD option that actually should be essential. Chevy benchmarked the Lancer Evolution when making the Chevy Cobalt SS and developed a FWD sports car that’s easily as well as — if not better than — the mighty Integra Type R. It even held the manufacturing FWD Nürburgring lap record before a stripped, caged and Lexan-windowed Renault showed up.

Recommended modify: Similar to the Corvette, the Chevy Cobalt SS ensures that the cost-cutting bean counters still get their way in terms of interior accessories. The Chevy Cobalt SS does receive a more impressive seat, but the buckets still require more lateral support for track duty. We’d toss at least the stock driver’s seat for a suitable racing bucket.

8. BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series


Price: $42,200

In case other companies are usually wanting to benchmark this vehicle, you understand it’s must be excellent. One could purchase any BMW 3 Series and be satisfied, but for our dollars, the ideal 3 (without an “M” before it) is the newest 335i coupe. This Beemer mixes real high-class, real performance and a twin-turbo straight six which is reportedly underrated at 300 horsepower so as not to steal the aged BMW M3’s thunder. The simply issue with the 335? It’s price. Be prepared to spend $40,000 for one with good features.

Recommended modify: We’ve applied “ROM tune” a little too much in this post, but the turbocharged 335i can observe a few considerable power results with a new ECU and exhaust. We’d delight in the vehicle as-is, solely incorporating a set of lightweight racing wheels and sticky tires.

7. Ford Mustang GT

Ford Mustang GT

Ford Mustang GT


Price: $30,095 est.

Certainly no description needed for this car star. Several vehicles can suit the Mustang’s mixture of visual appearance, functionality and cost. Of course, if you require more performance, the list of go-fast goodies made for the ‘Stang is positively huge; you’d be hard-pressed to get a vehicle with more upgraded support. The newest 2010 Mustang GT receives a facelift, greatly enhanced interior and fifteen more ponies than previous year’s design. This 315 horsepower V8 even receives a trick sound tube connecting the intake to the cabin. It appears just like a cheesy idea, but once you hear that throaty growl in the cabin, you’ll be considering that this sound tube is the best creation since toilet paper.

Recommended modify: We believe that the 2010 Mustang GT is a lot strong as-is, so we’d leave the engine alone for now. Although the ‘10 handles a lot better than the ’09 vehicle, we presume that securing the handling with the Ford Racing Handling Pack (found on the old Shelby GT) would create this presently outstanding vehicle that much greater.

6. Scion xB

Scion xB

Scion xB


Price: $16,420

Considering the other performance-minded vehicles on this top 10 list, it feels unusual to set the Scion xB on listed here. However, who would have thought that a diminutive, underpowered box would take the tuning world by storm? The latest Scion xB increases in dimension and power, and its solid stream of aftermarket support appears to be becoming a raging river. As it stands, the Scion xB has more dress-up accessories than Barbie.

Recommended modify: This hottest Scion xB is basically known as the Corolla Rumion in Japan. We’d decide to include a TRD supercharger: 200 horsepower and a factory warranty — looks ideal to us.

5. Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX


Price: $24,995

What isn’t there to like about a rally-bred turbocharged four door (or wagon) with a sub 6-second 0-60 mph time and space for five? Subaru’s WRX come to the world in 2000, with a face that just its mother could adore, but it rapidly set up itself as the go-to vehicle for rallyists, street racers and men who just like to go quick. The hottest Subaru WRX is still just as unpleasant, but as it today delivers a 265 horsepower wallop, is better than ever.

Recommended modify: The 2009 Subaru WRX has forty one more ponies than its similar ’08 predecessor. For those with the aged vehicle, the general “first step” everyone agrees on is a ROM tune and turbo-back exhaust. This kind of recent Subaru WRX is a little simpler than the GD-chassis car, so those with the most recent, more strong vehicle may want to stiffen things up with a good set of coilovers.

4. Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart


Price: $25,685

Mitsubishi’s newest Lancer Evolution has expanded in power, functionality, dimension, elegance, and cost. While we’d like to save some money and purchase the more real Evo IX MR, the idea of spending to repair any and all honing damage scares us. As an alternative, we’d get Mitsubishi’s newest Lancer Ralliart. It gives the Evo X’s drivetrain (without a differential), engine (minus 54 horsepower) and paddle-shifted double clutch transmission (minus the S-Sport mode). Although there is no question that the Evo X would shame the Ralliart on a track, on the road the 2 cars feel nearly similar. TheLancer Ralliart is a great vehicle at a great cost. So that as Evo X owners begin changing their vehicles so that they can boast about their rolling elements lists, smart Ralliart owners will get to purchase the lighter (and still wonderful) Evo X parts for a song.

Recommended modify: The Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart is a really balanced vehicle, and we’d be reluctant to execute any mods that might upset this balance. In spite of this, famous tuners like AMS and GST are viewing increases of more than thirty horsepower to the wheels with nothing more than a ROM tune, so we would begin there.

3. Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z


Price: $29,930

Rather than rack our brains wanting to establish a smart strategy to explain why this renowned Japanese sports car is really great, we’ll simply point out this: Nissan’s Z is excellent because it’s genuine. It is a real sports car and does not play the role of anything else. It has a strong 332-horsepower engine, operates the accurate wheels (the rear ones) and is completely balanced. The truth that it seems great is just an additional benefit.

Recommended modify: The Nissan 370Z is a vehicle which is so ideal, very nicely fashioned, that we can’t support but feel that executing any ill-conceived mod would ruin the vehicle. And standard NISMO parts still don’t have a fixed release date. That pointed out; several body-lightening, carbon-fiber items would be a good begin to a Nissan 370Z develop.

2. Volkswagen GTI

Volkswagen GTI

Volkswagen GTI


Price: $23,230

The authentic hot hatch is still one of the perfect. Volkswagen’s sport-tuned Golf has loved a rabidly loyal following around the world for years currently, and the vehicle’s reputation reveals no indications of waning. North America still does not have the freshest Volkswagen GTI, but the vehicle we do receive still sports VW’s venerable 200-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbocharged four, and the available DSG transmission is every bit as well as everyone states it is.

Recommended modify: Similar to the turbo Volkswagens of aged (nicely, not too long ago), the present 2.0-liter mill reacts perfectly to an ECU tune. The ECU tune is a inexpensive and easy mod, and dyno charts reveal that this improve provides huge horsepower and torque gains all through the rev band.

1.Honda Civic Si

Honda Civic Si

Honda Civic Si


Price: $21,905

The vehicle that released the import tuning scene as we realize it these days still soldiers on. Using its 197-horsepower, 2.0-liter motor, the brand new Honda Civic Si is the most strong Civic ever marketed in the United States. This latest vehicle also has one of the finest six-speed manuals on the market, an LSD option and an very sensible body.

Recommended modify: Honda is great about modifying every last drop of power it can out of its engines, so it would be expensive to squeeze any quite a bit of power out of the Civic Si’s naturally-aspirated K20. As an alternative, ditch the horrendously ugly stock wheels and substitute them with lightweight racing wheels. Next wrap those rims in stickier tires and utilize the enhanced functionality and appears.

Cars to modify is not something that you can choose easily. You should adjust the idea with the car you have, or you should purchase new car so fits with the idea.

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