Top 10 Best Selling Cars of All Time

Sunday, December 18th 2011. | Top Cars

In car market segment is very easy to see the trend choice of car. The car with the highest demand is simply the winner in this segment. However, there are some best selling cars of all time that are just simply hard to compete. It is true that each car manufacturer is striving to produce car with new model, new technology and even new concept or idea in order to attract people to buy their product.

The most sold cars ever! yes, when talking about the best selling cars then it is closely related to the number of the car that becomes one of the biggest sellers in the world. So, far there are several names or brands that become the best selling cars around the world and some of them are no longer produced and some others are still in the process of producing. It is true that some people prefer to purchase car that is produced in limited edition but some others prefer to purchase popular car.

How about you? Well, since limited edition car is not a kind of car that you can afford then nothing that is wrong for you to purchase popular car that mostly offered in price range that everyone could buy. It is the list of top 10 best selling cars of all time for your references:

10. Chevrolet Impala (USA)

  • (1958-Present)
  • Cars Sold: 14 million units
  • Manufacturer: Chevrolet Division of General Motors
Best Selling Cars of All Time

photo source: wikipedia

As soon as launched in 1958, the Impala was sold as a comfortable luxury car the middle-class car purchaser could afford. Recognized by its 3 sets of taillights (most vehicles just have two), the Impala was actually created as a sporty 2-door coupe, but has since become a more popular 4-door car. In facts, the Impala’s 1964 sales of 1,074,925 units stands as the all-time one-year car sales record. Its amazing, isn’t?

9. Volkswagen Passat 

  • (1973 – Present)
  • Cars Sold: 14.1 million units
  • Manufacturer: Volkswagen Passenger Cars
Volkswagen Passat

photo source: cardekho

The vehicle that ultimately “saved” Volkswagen when sales for its brand Beetle fallen in the late 60s, the Vw Passat is a mid-sized family car that was the company’s first project in modern front-wheel drive and even its primary car using a water-cooled engine. Designed partly from the Audi 80/Fox, the vehicle has been sold under numerous titles, such as Dasher, Santana, Quantum, Magotan, Corsar and Carat.

8. Ford Model T (USA)

  • (1908-1927)
  • Cars Sold: 16.5 million units
  • Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
Ford Model T

photo source:wyotech

Despite the fact that just a quaint museum piece to several modern-day car fans, the Ford Model T was definitely the most essential and powerful automobile of the 20th century. The primary vehicle to be mass-produced utilizing the assembly line system, it was additionally the primary car to be reasonable for most middle-class Us citizens. The vehicle that “put America on wheels,” it’s unmatched results accelerated the demand for paved streets and highways that actually connected every city and town in North America.

7. Honda Accord (Japan)

  • 1976-Present
  • Cars Sold: 17 million units
  • Manufacturer: Honda
Honda Accord

photo source: edmunds

Purchased in more universe markets than any other car, the Honda Accord led the market for Japanese vehicles purchased in the United States among 1982 and 1997. It absolutely was also the first Japanese car constructed in the U . S . (1982), and is becoming manufactured for the expanding Chinese industry through a joint-venture located in Guangzhou. The Honda Accord is definitely popular for its durability, and to several buyers has come to represent the quality and performance of Japanese car production.

6. Honda Civic 

  • (1972 – Present)
  • Cars Sold: 18 million units
  • Manufacturer: Honda
Honda Civic

photo source: cardekho

The Honda Civic, to lots of consumers, has come to suggest the expression “economy car,” the Honda Civic has been a best-seller for more than thirty five years because of its strong mixture of prime quality, affordable, luxury and fuel efficiency. Having a transverse-mounted engine and front wheel drive, the Honda Civic has constantly presented above-average interior space for its fairly small size. In June 2008, with fuel costs increasing, the Civic pressed previous the venerable Ford F-Series to turn into the best-selling car in america.

5. Ford Escort (U.K.)

  • (1967-2003)
  • Cars Sold: 20 million units
  • Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
Ford Escort

photo source: thecarconnection

Manufactured by the company’s British division, the Escort was Ford’s first “universe automobile.” A sub-compact made to support the requirements of gas-starved Brits and Continental Europeans, the fashionable, inexpensive Escort grew to become Britain’s best-selling car of the 60s, along with sales likewise strong in other international areas. Using Japanese imports starting to severely influence American car sales in the 70’s, Ford introduced its Escort to the United States in 1981, where manufacturing extended until 2002.

4. Volkswagen Beetle (Germany)

  • (1938-Present)
  • Cars Sold: 23 million units
  • Manufacturer: Volkswagen
volkswagen beetle 1970
photo source: photostarting
Shown to the U.S. market in the beginning 60’s, the VW Beetle became symbolic of imported vehicles during this period, but primary buyer resistance was tempered by an incredibly innovative and powerful marketing plan. The Beetle continually keep the record for the longest-running body type of all time.

3. VW Golf (Germany)

  • (1974-Present)
  • Cars Sold: 27.0 million units
  • Manufacturer: Volkswagen
volkswagen golf

photo source: netcarshow

The third best selling cars of all time is Vw Golf. The primary profitable option to its best-selling-but obsolete-Beetle, Volkswagen’s Golf originally arrived as a 3-door hatchback, though 5-door hatch types eventually came into the model’s series. First marketed as the “Rabbit” in U.S. areas, the Vw Golf has been a globally major attractions because of its above-average engineering, below-average cost and history of durability.

2. Ford F-Series (USA)

  • (1948-Present)
  • Cars Sold: 34.0 million units
  • Manufacturer: Ford
2009 Ford F-150

photo source: thetruthaboutcars

Just one truck on our top ten list, the F-Series is Ford Motor Co.’s full-sized pick-ups, the most famous of which is the F-150. Getting experienced twelve generations, the F-Series was the best-selling car in the usa for twenty-three years and the best-selling truck for thirty-one years. It’s declared this one car was, for several years, responsible for 1 / 2 of all of Ford’s sales.

1. Toyota Corolla (Japan)

  • (1966-Present)
  • Cars Sold: more 36 million units
  • Manufacturer: Toyota
Toyota Corolla 2010

photo source: urdumania

The best selling cars of all time, the toyota corolla provides a blend of design, cost, efficiency and stability which makes it well-known globally. Over the last 45 years Japanese car maker Toyota have manufactured a record 32 Million Cars. Produced in sixteen various nations, the Corolla offers at a rate of one every forty seconds. The vehicle has gone through ten key design improvements, yet it continues to be epitome of sub-compact design and engineering for tens of millions of buyers around the world.