Roding Roadster 23 Price, Specs and Release Date

Friday, March 9th 2012. | Roding

New Roding Roadster 23 Price, Specifications and Release Date– Rumors are speculating that there will be some significant changes available for Roding Roadster 23. This is a two seat mid engine sports car developed by Roding automobile. The company has decided to make some improvements especially in its design. At the first glance, you may see a car with a unique design compared with other sports car ever released. The design seems a bit odd but you can expect some specific features that make it look different compared with other sports cars. As the name suggests, this car will be available in a limited edition. There are only 23 cars available for this car. For more information, let’s learn about features and specifications from Roding Roadster 23.

Roding Roadster 23

Roding Roadster 23

credit photo: performancedrive

Roding Roadster 23 Specifications

As mentioned earlier, Roding Roadster 23 is a mid engine sports car that comes with lightweight design. It comes with a carbon fiber chassis which will result in producing a weight of only 950kg. Aside from its lightweight body, the car is combined with BMW inline of 3.0 liter 6-cylinder turbo engine. This will result in producing 320 HP where the car can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 3.9 seconds only. When it comes to fuel consumption, this car will consume 8.2 liters of fuel per 100km. This car comes with a six speed manual transmission. This car also comes with an exotic fully independent suspension along with its premium valve technology. When it comes to standard kit onboard available for this car, this car comes with 2 shell Roding roof system, a two red exterior, carbon fiber look for the chassis, lightweight racing seat from Recaro that has 4 point safety belt and also two color leather interior black. Aside from its powerful performance, this car also comes with a combined fuel consumption of 8.2 l/100km. Roding Roadster 23 will be one of the most exclusive cars available in this year as there are only 23 units available.


Roding Roadster 23 price

Roding Roadster 23 Rear Side

credit photo: performancedrive

Styling-wise, the brand new Roding Roadster 23 seems really fashionable, and fairly wise for a primary vehicle from a company. The rear end is chunky without going overboard, while the roadster top looks nicely proportioned. The exterior design does appear a little stogy, but if you love the 2013 Nissan GT-R you’ll definitely delight in the Roadster 23’s edgy lines. What lies under the hood, though, will certainly attract you. Roding is planning to develop only 23 of the specialist Roding Roadsters, all likely to sell out quick. Pricing is unknown at this time. The rest there is to learn about this vehicle (like the price, or release date) will be reported at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. So until then, that’s all we can provide you. We will update this article soon.

Roding Roadster 23 Features

Roding Roadster 23 car will be introduced at 2012 Geneva auto show. Speaking about its appearance, this car will be painted in red. Until the car is finally released, there is still a possibility that there are some features added in this car. The other information we should know is that this car is only available in exterior color scheme made from carbon fiber and a two tone red. Roding Roadster 23 offers some extra features and we are going to see its debut release at 2012 Geneva auto show.

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