Fastest Cars in the World: Top 5 list 2011-2012

Monday, October 10th 2011. | Top Cars

In the past time, car was a luxury thing that not everyone has it. Car only owned by a rich man, government officials, and artists. Other than them, no one else has a car. So ancient times, the car is one of wealth for one’s identity. However, over the times, the car became the must-have thing for every person who has high mobility. It is because the car is a vehicle that is very important if we have to travel long distances and need to carry a lot of stuff. Now, the car is no longer the items that are needed to support a person’s life, but also become a collection. Many people who collect best cars just to satisfy their hobby. Below are the fastest cars in the world 2011-2012. These cars are of course has a maximum speed above the average.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport becomes one of fastest cars in the world. Not only to be fastest car, but also one of most expensive cars in the world. With a speed of 0-60 mph time, 2.4 seconds, makes it as the first fastest car. With W16-Cylinder and 8.0L, 64v DOHC Quad Turbocharger w/1200 hp, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport makes it popular with anyone who liked the car at high speed. With an amazing performance and a sporty and appealing body of the car, making the price of $2,400,000 is suitable. Then, the second of the fastest cars in the world is Hennessey Venom GT. Its body is almost similar to the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. It is priced $ 725,000 for the 725 hp variant and up to $ 950,000 for the 1200 hp twin turbo V8. However, Hennessey Venom GT has longer shape and more curves than the Bugatti. With a speed of 0-60 mph time, 2.5 seconds, Hennessey makes it always has sold 4 cars of 10 cars made per year.

Furthermore, the Caparo T1 becomes the third fastest cars in world. Only 25 will be made per year with a speed of 0-60 mph time, 2.5 seconds. Caparo T1 is also a street permitted car. In addition, many people say that the Caparo T1 is a prototype racecar or a Formula One car. The price for a unit is $480,000. Then, the Ultima GTR occupies the fourth position in the fastest cars in the world. Ultima GTR is a kit car with a speed of 0-60 mph time. 2.6 seconds. Therefore, it is not sold with a fully assembled. You can do it at home or at an auto-shop. Rates are priced for the Ultima GTR is $ 138.300.

the SSC Ultima Aero becomes the fifth cars with a speed of 257 mph, 0-60 in 2.7 seconds. With the form of luxury, it would not be surprised if the car were priced $ 654.400. it is coupled with the award in Guinness World Records as the fastest car in the world from March 2007 to July 2010. Twin-Turbo V8 Engine with 1183 hp SSC Ultima Aero makes the much loved by many people. If you want to know more, here are list of the top ten fastest cars in the world 2011-2012 on the market:

5. SSC Ultima Aero

SSC Ultima Aero fastest cars in the world

4. Ultima GTR

Ultima GTR fastest cars in the world

3. Caparo T1

Caparo T1 fastest cars in the world

2. Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessey Venom GT fastest cars in the world

1. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Bugatti Veyron Super Sports fastest cars in the world