2014 Mercedes Benz Viano Release Date, Specs and Price

Saturday, March 17th 2012. | Mercedes-Benz

New Mercedes Benz Viano / Vito 2014 Release Date, Specs and Price– Another model from Mercedes Benz is going to be released, 2014 Mercedes Benz Viano. At its first released in 2004, Mercedes Benz Viano was released as a passenger version. In 2010, this model came with revised bumpers and lights. Now, there will be the latest model available as it will be released in 2013 or 2014. However, the information is still unclear which means we still can expect more updates until this new model is going to be released in 2013 or 2014. Many think that the design is just a temporary in order to fit with the addition of a new engine. For more information, let’s see some features we can expect from 2014 Mercedes Benz Viano.

2014 Mercedes Benz Viano

2014 Mercedes Benz Viano Spy Photos

photo source: eurocarblog

2014 Mercedes Benz Viano Specifications

At the first glance, 2014 Mercedes Benz Viano seems to have a bigger grill. The fact is there are many rumors speculating around about this new model. However, it seems that finding valid information such as specifications, features and technologies is not as easy as it seems to be. Based on some sources available out there, it seems that there are some changes such as its wheelbase. The other feature that will be equipped for this van is blue efficiency technology engines. Aside from the addition of blue efficiency technology engines, it seems that there is a possibility of plug in hybrid versions available for this van.

The fact is, many van owners expect that there are some significant changes especially when it comes to convenience and comfort. With the addition of some new features such as blue efficiency technology, this new model is expected to deliver a better driving experience. Unfortunately, the information available for this new model is not that much which means there will be some changes from specifications, design and features. For further information, it will be a good thing to wait until there are official confirmations from the company. Speaking about its release date, 2014 Mercedes Benz Viano will be released in 2013 or 2014.  When it comes to price, it seems that there is not much information available. But we promise to update this article soon.

2014 Mercedes Benz Viano with Blue Efficiency Technology

Many car owners hope that 2014 Mercedes Benz Viano will have some improvements compared with its predecessor. When it comes to design, it seems that the design is almost similar expect with some minor changes in certain areas. For van owners, it will be a good thing to wait until the company will give more details about this 2014 Mercedes Benz Viano.