2014 Ford F150 will Utilizing Aluminum Body Panels

Monday, June 11th 2012. | Ford

For many years, America’s best-selling trucks transformed a new combined blind eye from what had been foreseen engineering developments in most aspects of his or her building while Detroit’s Huge Three chosen easy solutions which drastically hiked upward their particular profits. Nonetheless, these types of previous many years, car makers such as Chrysler, General Motors, along with Ford are generally little by little trying to modernize their own trucks largely inside name associated with energy performance along with CO2 emissions, especially given that the particular US Corporate and business Average Fuel-Economy criteria are getting more stringent. We’ve previously seen some improvements around the engines front such as accessibility to Ford’s EcoBoost V6 on the F-150 along with GM’s hybrid lineup, however, there is much more to come in various locations than you’d typically count on.

2014 Ford F-150


Quoting a pair of self-sufficient options, Ward’s Vehicle described that will Ford’s next-generation F-Series full-size pickup, code-named P552, can characteristic considerable use of aluminum physique panels including gates and fenders. This is an initial for your F-Series as with the actual product, only the hood can be built from the actual lightweight materials. Whilst Ford dropped to discuss the situation, Doug Scott, your Detroit company’s trucks promoting supervisor told this news internet site that this Blue Oval is definitely looking for ways to boost its autos.


“We know our customers, and it’s everything about the pickup truck like a tool and they need it to be a lot more successful plus much more productive,” mentioned Scott. “So we have to exercise the particular hook if we want to become king of mountain. We’re constantly investigating all the strategies to performing which going forward and we possess a fantastic technique.”


Ford’s produce primary Derrick Kuzak provides formerly said that the organization intends to shed around 700lbs or perhaps about 318kg every model just before 2019. Your extensive usage of metal sections would help Ford cut several lbs off of the next F-150 and as a consequence allow for light components in the areas.


“When vehicles consider much less you need a smaller engines, or the brakes you’ll need shall be various, knowing that goes during the entire complete car or truck,” Kevin Lowery, spokesperson with regard to light weight aluminum provider Alcoa, advised Wards Automobile. The next generation from the F-150 is timetabled regarding launch within 2014.