2014 Chevrolet Colorado Pickup Delayed Launch

Thursday, June 21st 2012. | Chevrolet

General Motors has recently validated what has Thailand-designed 2014 Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck will certainly indeed always be constructed traded in the United States, expressing: “We think the structure, capacity along with fuel performance from the brand new 2015 Chevy Colorado will make it appealing to US consumers.”


However, earlier projected timeframes painted images which provided a Denver through the US as early as next year, while in fact it’ll probably not really appear before 2014 as well as 2015 model, in accordance with GMInsideNews. That up-to-date schedule may be discussed having a number of stuff that must come about prior to the truck may arrive in the actual US, ranging from creation needs to organized design changes.

2014 chevrolet colorado


First off, the “global” pickup was made for a lot of international areas; nevertheless the US had not been a primary concern for that pickup truck. As a result, GM will have to take on the project towards the pickup which range from presentation, in order to federalization, for you to aesthetic adjustments before it’ll be ready for your US market.


Proof of this kind of concept was supplied upwards through Brad Merkel, an international car or truck collection management with regard to GM, which explained, “Chevrolet Colorado Key Manufacture Roberto Rempel and his team lived within Thailand in the Colorado’s growth,” carrying on with the most apparent proof, “A comparable development course of action can precede the release from the pickup within the US marketplace. We believe US buyers will likely be pleased about the outcome.”


In addition to layout alterations as well as refresh daily activities, there is also the situation involving where the pickup will be developed. Considering that the pickup truck will probably be manufactured in Wentzville, Missouri, this means it’s going to probably acquire a minimum of a few months in order to fully re-do your assemblage range to generate the Denver pick up – and also probably the particular Co pickup-based Trailblazer too (but this really is solely supposition in the meantime).


Under the hood, it’s less likely that Chevrolet will be able to viably provide the 2.5liter and 2.8liter diesel-powered motors it’ll sell throughout world-wide Colorado inside the US Alternatively, all of us wouldn’t be amazed to determine the company’s unique 190HP 2.5liter 4cylinder be determination regarding lower-trim Colorado, while the 300HP+ and 3.6liter V6 might create an excellent range-topping engines.


GM hasn’t verified the GMC-budged alternative. The current GMC Canyon, a re-badge with the Co, presents only 25% in the platform’s income through the US.