2013 Ford Fiesta ST Release Date, Specifications and Price

Friday, March 30th 2012. | Ford

New Ford Fiesta ST 2013 Release Date USA, Interior Specifications and Price2013 Ford Fiesta ST is not officially launched, but there are some articles about this car. Ford is one of leading automotive manufacturer from United States. Their previous products have been popular cars in various regions. This Fiesta series is a type of hatchback car. It is relative small car. It can be said that this is city car. One of spy reviews states that this car produces 20% less CO2 emission compared to previous series. It means that it is one of environment friendly vehicles. The trend to produce such type of car has increased recently. Its size indicates that it does not consume less fuel.

Ford has made it official with the expose of the production-spec edition of the 2013 Ford Fiesta ST debuting at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show before its in European showroom release early next year. Though most of the information about 2013 Ford Fiesta ST comes from subjective sources, this will be valuable information to consider this car after it is being launched.

2013 Ford Fiesta ST

2013 Ford Fiesta ST Live in Geneva Motor Show

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2013 Ford Fiesta ST Specs and Features to Anticipate

The concept of 2013 Ford Fiesta ST has been indirectly introduced to public at Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011. The realization of this concept is still tested now. From the concept in the Frankfurt Moto Show, there are some features that can be obtained from this little information, such as:

  • This Ford Fiesta is powered by 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine. This is not big engine capacity. Ford claims that such engine capacity will produce 180 HP and 240 Nm of torque. This can be fast city car. With this engine, it can produce amazing acceleration. It can reach 62 mph within less than seven seconds.


  • Ford always concern with drivers comfort. The sport seats will give better comfort and handling. The Mykey seats are used in this 2013 Ford Fiesta, the previous series used Recaro. The sportive seats are very useful to handle this car that is claimed to be able to reach its top speed more than 136 MPH.


  • To help drivers handling this car, this Fiesta series is equipped with enhanced Torque Vectoring Control system.Other feature that is useful for car handling is three Electronic Stability Control modes.


  • 2013 Fiesta ST price range (MSRP): $13,200 – $17,500 with MPG Range: 37 – 37 mpg.


  • The Fiesta ST interior will have a set of Recaros crammed in with the requisite leather sports wheel and ST-exclusive trim.
2013 fiesta ST release date

2013 ford fiesta ST interior european spec

credit photo to motortrend

On the design front, the 2013 ST borrows much of its concept forebear’s features, separating it from the standard Ford Fiesta with deeper front and rear bumpers, skirts, dinky roof spoiler and a diffuser. 2013 Ford Fiesta ST is small car with various features that give better driving experience for urban people.

2013 Ford Fiesta ST Release Date Information

There are not many accurate information about 2013 Ford Fiesta ST 3 door. It is reasonable for the car has been officially released to the public. The information available is the spy information, but most of much information is accurate. The Fiesta ST will release in Europe sometime in early 2013. The 2013 Ford Fiesta ST hasn’t yet been confirmed for U.S. sale, but there was lots of curiosity for the Fiesta ST five-door concept at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show–so start bugging your local Ford car dealership. For Australia market, according to themotorreport, the 2013 Fiesta ST in Australia sometime after its early 2013 first appearance in Europe.

Unluckily some of the most important information such as this mileage and price cannot be found. This can be one of the manufacturer strategies to keep people curious about the product. In this way people will be challenged to test-drive 2013 Ford Fiesta ST after it is officially released.