2012 Dodge Nitro Release Date, Price and Specs

Monday, October 24th 2011. | Dodge

The 2012 Dodge Nitro is extremely likely to be considered a brand-new car from the ground-up, but apart from that there is little change noted concerning the car. A few business experts are pondering if there’ll be also area for any 2012 Dodge Nitro provided the shaky lineup at Chrysler, and several are citing the issue of a display vehicle as proof of gloom and doom estimations for the Nitro. Post sales of the primary creation Nitro came by around half every year, it’s not difficult a stretch to consider that the Nitro will have to be entirely reinvented if it’s to outlive a company performance.

2012 Dodge Nitro release date

2012 Dodge Nitro Release

Several market professionals expect major issues from Dodge in 2012, and several think that a 2012 Nitro show car might be revealed in Guangzhou or Shanghai sometime through the spring or early summer of 2011. The complete edition of the car would continue auction later that year being an beginning 2012 design. Anticipations range by pundit, but a CUV with intense design is not too extravagant to think about. An earlier show car branded the Dodge Magnum 2012 has completed the trade event signal in mid- to late- 2010, and could function as a longer/lengthier edition of the 2012 Dodge Nitro with less angle and little tires.

2012 Dodge Nitro Design

Ludicrously big wheels are merely element of the Nitro DNA at Dodge and twenty-inchers is nearly definitely likely to be area of new 2012 Dodge Nitro and bigger wheel dimensions can also be on tap. A truck-like body-on-frame style along with a system distributed to the Liberty rarely is in part of the bundle. Rather, the fresh Jeep Compass may reveal more in keeping in terms of system with the 2012 Dodge Nitro than every other car in the Pentastar/Fiat choice.

2012 Dodge Nitro Model

Security measures an enormous issue at this time over time, but engines and transmissions are a nearly specific point. Beginning with the new Dragon/Pentastar-series V6s on the top quality along with a modified world-engine inline-four keeping down the basic level Nitro, a mixture apt to be produced stronger with a lighter automobile. All-wheel-drive may come back but is much more than probably likely to be a choice on the maximum end design if offered by all as the model crossover with Jeep will probably be performed down later on Dodge items.